EnvO @ Biohackathon 2012

posted 24 Apr 2013, 02:29 by Pier Luigi Buttigieg

Toyama, Toyama Prefecture

Sponsored by the National Bioscience Database Centre / Database Centre for Life Sciences (NBDC DBCLS), Japan, the BioHackathon 2012 was an opportunity for semantic researchers to "hack" together new tools and solutions for use in the life science domain and to enhance existing resources.  

Pier Luigi Buttigieg introduced EnvO during the event's symposium and participated in the ontology working group during the subsequent hackathon. During the hackathon, discussion centred on the potential interfaces between EnvO, GAZ, and the Metagenome Environment Ontology (MEO). The principles of ontology design and the development of an ontology for incomplete enzyme reactions were other main points of discussion. A wiki summarising these discussions can be found here.

Further, EnvO was used as a case study and processed by ONTO-perl and Perl-RDF routines by Erick Antezana. Results and comments can be found here.