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The OLS was developed by Jupp S. et al. (2015) A new Ontology Lookup Service at EMBL-EBI. In: Malone, J. et al. (eds.) Proceedings of SWAT4LS International Conference 2015

You can navigate EnvO by:
  • Typing a term into the search box.
    •  Please pause a moment after you've entered your keyword(s) and all the terms with matches will be suggested. Hitting return immediately after entering your keyword(s) will take you to the first entry with a match.
  •  Browsing interactively by clicking on the "+" signs in the hierarchy viewer below the search. 
    • Note: You'll see some "upper-level" terms like "continuant" in the tree which you probably don't need. To get to the sub-hierarchy that's relevant to you, use the search box to get to something more general or related like "biome", "environmental material", or "environmental system process". From there, you should be  closer to your desired term. 
Warning: If a new version of EnvO has just been released, the OLS may show an older version. Please note the "Last updated" field on the OLS homepage.
For the latest version of EnvO, visit our Downloads page or our GitHub repository.

For more comfortable viewing, browse the ontology in a new tab by clicking  here.